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Graffiti Removers

The formulator of graffiti removers is faced with many challenges due to the nature of the graffiti itself and by legislative requirements and solvent labelling issues. With ESTI CHEMs background in environmentally friendly raw materials, we can offer you a range of safer ESTISOL solvents and effective ESTISURF surfactants for removal of graffiti.

The ESTISOL product range comprises strong solvents of high polarity with varying bio-carbon content. We even offer ESTISOLs that are 100% bio-based.

ESTISURF surfactants are applied as emulsifiers, wetting agents and cleaning surfactants in graffiti removers.

ESTI CHEM can provide you with guideline formulations for effective graffiti removers with a variety of applications:

  • Gel-type products for used on concrete and brick walls
  • CLP label-free products for application painted surfaces
  • Microemulsion-based products for application on plastic, composite, and other sensitive surfaces
Graffiti Removers

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