Asphalt release agents for road construction & repair

ESTICLEAN® Release & Cleaning agents

Efficient asphalt release agents are necessary for a quick and smooth workflow in road construction & repair. Such products deliver excellent properties to prevent unwanted sticking of asphalt to trucks, machines, rollers and hand tools

Traditional products have been based on fossil resources, but Esti Chem has now two alternatives available:

  •  ESTICLEAN AS-VEG: bio-based, non-water miscible all-round release & cleaning agent
  •  ESTICLEAN AS-AQUA: partly bio-based release agents primarily for rollers

The two Esti Chem Products: ESTICLEAN AS-VEG and ESTICLEAN AS-AQUA are environmentally compatible with excellent release properties on metal and tool surfaces

Man cleaning with ESTICLEAN
Wash of truck with ESTICLEAN
Cleaning with ESTICLEAN after work with asphalt



Why use:


  • In asphalt mixing plants
  • On trucks
  • On pavers
  • On hand tools

→ Excellent release effect

→ No GHS labels

→ Based on vegetable oils & esters

→ Readily biodegradable

→ Ideal for road construction in water protection areas

→ Low odour

→ Excellent compatibility with polymers and coatings in comparison with biodiesel 


Anti-Stick and Release Agent for:

  • Steel & rubber rollers
  • Trucks

→ Very efficient release effect

→ Dilutable with water up to 1:50

→ Low odour

→ No GHS labels

→ Based on vegetable derived components

→ Readily biodegradable

→ Reduced application rate compared to the
   application of “pure” water


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