Vegetable raw materials for application in

Formulated Chemical Products

ESTI CHEM specializes in the use of vegetable raw materials as alternative to petrochemicals by production of ingredients for the industrial formulation industry. With over 30 years of experience, we have developed extensive expertise in alternatives to aromatic and aliphatic solvents, d-limonene, and glycol ether acetates.

Our ESTISOL® products are often referred to as vegetable solvents by many customers, though we commonly describe them as bio-based solvents.

Our ESTISURF® surfactants can be used in conjunction with ESTISOL® or as stand-alone components in aqueous formulations.

ESTISURF® products provide emulsification, cleaning, and surface wetting. ESTI CHEM employs a wide range of technologies in the production of surfactants, offering ESTISURF® products with varying HLB values, foaming properties, and pH stability. Additionally, ESTI CHEM provides emulsifiers with corrosion-resistant properties.

Foam can be an issue in aqueous, formulated products. ESTI CHEMs DEFOAMER products are effective, silicone-oil-free defoamers for use in the formulation itself or as an additive at the tank-side.

ESTISURF esters are safer aerosol alternatives for formulation of aerosols
Developing ESTISOL products

Years of experience in developing ESTISOL® products have given ESTI CHEM a unique knowledge base regarding the relationship between chemical structure and solvent properties in industrial cleaners and degreasers.

The RESIN CLEANER products are based on this knowledge database, providing a unique opportunity to replace NMP, NEP, and other harmful solvents with less hazardous alternatives.

The development of ESTISOL® products has also provided ESTI CHEM with valuable insights into the use of vegetable esters as base oils and lubricating additives in industrial lubricants.

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