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Do you want to REMOVE this symbol from the label of your cleaning product?

Eliminate or reduce VOC Solvents

ESTI CHEM may have the SOLUTION that you are looking for!

ESTISOL® is the formulator's preferred alternative to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, limonene/orange terpenes and VOC-classified oxygenated solvents in formulated chemicals 

ESTISOL® can work as straight solvent replacement, solvency booster, or carrier fluids in formulated products such as:

  • Industrial cleaners, degreasers, blanket & roller washes, printing inks, hand cleaners, paint strippers, cold cleaners and automotive rinse aid.
  • Cleaning solvents for removal of coating & polymeric residues such as adhesives, sealants and paints from blending vessels and equipment, tools, applicators, and packaging lines.

ESTISOL® features:

  • Increases the flash point
  • Removes or reduces CLP contribution from solvent components in the formulation
  • Reduces the aspiration hazard
  • Reduces the formulation odour
  • Reduces the flammability risk when cleaning hot surfaces and by the use of a heated cleaning bath

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Some ideas to look at for reformulation of your low-flash point solvent cleaners:


Solvent to be replaced:


Esti Chem Solution

Esti Chem Product Feature

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Ethyl acetate

Cleaning of inks


• No CLP label
• Evaporates overnight

ESTISOL 163 is an alternative when a mixture of ethyl acetate and ethanol shall be replaced  

White spirit, D40 (or other low-flash point HC) hydrocarbon solvent

Degreasing of surfaces and metal workpieces


• No CLP label
• Avoids aspiration risk label
• Evaporates overnight

ESTISOL 210 and ESTISOL 242 can be used for non-VOC applications eventually in mixure with D100. ESTISURF M27emulsifier may be added to obtain water-washable products

Cyclohexanone, PMAc, NMP, Butyrolactone and other polar solvents with high CLP labelling

Cleaning of inks, adhesives, polymer residues


• Bio-based solvents
• Very high solvency power
• Only labelled with
   H315, H319

ESTISOL 130 and ESTISOL 135 may be combined with glycol ethers such as DPM and hydrocarbons such as D80 in order to fine-tune solvent properties