Using ESTISOL® and ESTISURF® based on RSPO MB raw materials

For a sustainable future

ESTISOL® MB fatty acid esters from RSPO-certified raw materials offer numerous advantages over conventional farming sources:

RSPO palm field

Environmental Sustainability

RSPO certification goes beyond mere compliance with environmental regulations by promoting best practices in palm oil production.

This includes measures to minimize habitat destruction, protect biodiversity, and reduce carbon emissions through responsible land management and the use of sustainable agricultural practices.

By prioritizing environmental sustainability, RSPO-certified palm oil helps preserve vital ecosystems and mitigate the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on wildlife and climate change.

Social responsability

Social Responsibility

RSPO certification encompasses not only the fair treatment of workers but also broader social responsibility initiatives within palm oil-producing communities.

This may involve supporting education and healthcare programs, empowering local farmers, and fostering economic development opportunities beyond the palm oil industry.

By investing in social welfare initiatives, RSPO-certified companies contribute to the well-being and resilience of communities dependent on palm oil production, enhancing social cohesion and stability.

Traceabilit and transparency

Traceability and Transparency

RSPO certification facilitates granular traceability along the palm oil supply chain, allowing for precise monitoring of each step from plantation to consumer.

This enables companies to identify and address any instances of non-compliance or unsustainable practices, thereby ensuring accountability and continuous improvement.

Enhanced transparency also fosters greater collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders, driving collective efforts towards a more sustainable and transparent palm oil industry.

Market Access and Reputation

Market Access and Reputation

Beyond gaining access to markets that prioritize sustainability, RSPO-certified products often command premium prices and enjoy greater consumer trust and loyalty.

This is particularly significant in regions where consumer awareness and demand for sustainable products are rapidly increasing.

By aligning with RSPO standards and showcasing their commitment to sustainability, companies can strengthen their brand reputation, differentiate themselves from competitors, and tap into growing market segments seeking ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products

RSPO certification

Regulatory Compliance

RSPO certification serves as a proactive approach to regulatory compliance by aligning with existing regulations and anticipated future requirements related to palm oil sustainability.

By voluntarily adopting RSPO standards, companies demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices and reduce the risk of non-compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks.

This proactive stance not only helps mitigate legal and financial risks but also positions companies as leaders in sustainability, enhancing their credibility and influence within the industry and among regulatory authorities

Overall, RSPO-certified raw materials provide environmental, social, and economic benefits, making them a preferable choice for companies committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing.

You can make a difference! 

Choose a transformation to RSPO MB raw materials and take a step forward into a more sustainable sourcing of raw materials. Today, RSPO certified raw materials are widely used in consumer products – it is time for the industrial products to follow.