ESTISOL - Now available in RSPO Quality

ESTISOL esters are vegatable-based ester solvents used as safe alternatives to aromatic hydrocarbons and other hazardous solvents in formulated chemical products such as degreasers and lubricants. We offer a broad range of esters with varying chemical structure based on saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Some of the saturated esters are based on medium-chain saturated fatty acids in order to achieve good oxidation stability, low viscosity, good solvency properties and good compatibility with plastics and rubbers.

The medium chain fatty acids cannot be produced from European vegetable oils as these fatty acids are not present in any significant amounts in the oil. Such fatty acids are typically produced by hydrolysis of coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

We now offer three ESTISOLs is RSPO MB quality:

•   ESTISOL 242 MB

•   ESTISOL 295 MB
•   ESTISOL 312 MB

More ESTISOLs will be added to the list during 2020.

Using the RSPO MB qualities will enable you to formulate products qualifying for ecolabel such as Nordic Swan and Ecocert.

For more information, contact your Esti Chem regional sales manager + 45 56 65 33 72 or use this link to get in contact with us