ESTISURF™ Narrow Range Surfactants

Esti Chem A/S offers a range of specialty surfactants under the name ESTISURF® brand providing extraordinary performance in industrial cleaning formulations, degreasers polishes, emulsions and corrosion inhibitors.

We are now offering a new range of narrow range alkoxylates for application in industrial cleaning fluids and other formulated chemical products. The narrow range ethoxylation technology leads to non-ionic surfactants with a low content of free alcoholgood foam control, and a clear product with very low pour point making outdoor storage possible during most of the year.

 is extremely low-foaming and combines good degreasing and excellent foam control in one molecule applied in CIP and spray cleaning applications.

ESTISURF 9114 is applied in a variety of hard surface cleaners showing excellent cleaning performance and low odour due to the low content of free alcohol.

Below example shows the molecular weight distribution of a 4EO ethoxylate produced by the traditional (broad range) and the narrow range technology

Molecular weight distribution chart  Transparent 4EO ethoxylate       

Estisurf foam test

                                                                                                    Chart with values of ESTISURF Narrow Range Surfactants


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