Excellent defoaming properties

DEFOAMER 1000 is effective even at very low dosage


Test formulation:


      • 98.46% water
      • 1.0% Trilon M (sequestering agent-BASF)
      • 0.5% ESTISURF M43-E (nonionic surfactant package–ESTI CHEM)
      • 0 or 0.04% DEFOAMER 1000 (silicone oil-free defoamer–ESTI CHEM)


100 ml. test fluid is shaken vigorously 20 x in a cylinder glass and the foam collapse is monitored.

The glass to the left contains 0.04% DEFOAMER 1000, and the glass to the right is the control without addition of defoamer.

DEFOAMER 1000 has excellent compatibility with the formulation, the defoaming effect is persistent and the speed of foam collapse is high.


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