How to develop an efficient cleaner for

Removal of rubber marks from industrial floors

Marks from rubber tires on industrial floors is a well-know problem. It is difficult to remove without destroying the floor coating, and a lot of formulators just give up or use hazardous solvents. ESTI CHEM can present an efficient solution to this problem: ESTISURF MF21-WW.

ESTISURF MF21-WW is an optimized surfactant combination, which brings key-performance to the formulation:

  • Wets the surface.
  • Penetrates and releases rubber from the surface of the floor within a few minutes. 
  • Leaves a clean surface after water-washing.

Formulation of the cleaner concentrate:


  • 63 % Tapwater
  •   1 % Sequestering agent (Example: Trilon M)
  •   3 % Potassium carbonate (Builder)
  •   3 % ESTISURF A100-40
  • 30 % ESTISURF MF21-WW


The cleaner concentrate is applied as a 1:1 - 1:5 dilution in water depending of the cleaning requirements.




Before use of ESTISURF MF21-WW.


After use of ESTISURF MF21-WW.


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