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Tailored Solutions for specific needs

At Esti Chem we excel in providing customized solutions. Our strength lies in translating vast experience into specific product specifications, ensuring our clients receive precisely what they need. Whether it's formulation or consultation, we deliver excellence.

30 years of experience

With over 30 years of expertise in delivering chemical products and guidance to industries globally, Esti Chem is a key player in the chemical world. Our forte lies in tailored production and personalized advice, backed by a wealth of experience.

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High-performance alternatives

Our ESTISOL products are alternatives to CLP-labelled hydrocarbons & oxygenated solvents applied in a wide range of formulated chemical products such as cleaners, degreasers, polishes, lubricants, aerosol products and the like.

Our ESTISURF products are high-performance cleaning surfactants, wetting agents and emulsifiers, and we even offer optimized surfactant packages and microemulsion systems.

Safety and Environmental Impact

Our mission is to make products safer and technically superior for both people and the environment. We take pride in quantifying the value we bring, showcasing reduced hazard labelling (CLP label) and the advantage of lower content of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) compared to traditional chemistries.

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We deliver. Fast.

Beyond safety and compliance, Esti Chem holds a significant competitive edge. Our ability to deliver many products from stock ensures our clients stay ahead in a fast-paced market. This swift turnaround time sets us apart from the competition. And when it comes to consultation services, you don’t have to wait.

Global impact – local presence

Esti Chem’s impact extends beyond borders. With a proven track record of serving chemical industries worldwide, our global footprint reflects the trust clients place in our expertise. Join hands with Esti Chem for innovative, safer, and timely chemical solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

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