Formulation Technology

How valuable is a good raw material if you don´t know how to formulate with it?

Esti Chem has accumulated extensive formulation knowledge over the years, and we are happy to share this with our customers. 

Some of the typical application areas, where we can assist our customers with formulation knowledge, are:  

  • Replacement of aromatic hydrocarbons in formulated chemical products
  • Replacing high-pH cleaners & degreasers with medium pH cleaners based on microemulsions of biodegradable ESTISOL esters
  • Replacing hazardous solvent in printing ink cleaners, paint strippers and polymers removers
  • Introducing surfactants with corrosion protection properties for offset ink cleaners
Esti Chem has accumulated extensive formulation knowledge

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Guideline formulations and formulation development

We also offer

A broad range of guideline formulations and product data such as environmental documentation, rubber & plastic compatibility, and emulsification data. 

We are happy to assist you with formulation development in our well-equipped application laboratory.

See FORMULATION INGREDIENTS for more information about our current product range.

You can also take one step further and establish a customer project with Esti Chem, see CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENTS for further information.

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