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The oil & gas industry is in the middle of a development using more environmentally acceptable chemical raw materials for the formulation of oil field chemicals.

For more than 20 years,ESTI CHEM supplies vegetable based ESTISOL® solvents and specialty ESTISURF® surfactant to the formulators of oil field chemicals.

ESTI CHEM started with the production of raw materials especially for use on the North Sea, where the OSPAR regulations form the framework for the composition of oil field chemical products. In the recent years, the OSPAR regulations have inspired other regions in the world to set up a framework for the use of chemicals in the oil field industry.

With the long-time experience from the North Sea, ESTI CHEM is in a good position to offer raw materials, application know-how, and eco-tox data to formulators of oil field chemicals around the world.

ESTI CHEM offers ESTISOL® ester-based solvents, ESTISURF® single-surfactants & surfactant packages, ESTISURF® microemulsion packages, and customer specific formulations.

ESTI CHEM has extensive knowledge and experience in the oil field chemicals based on ESTISOL® ester solvents & ESTISURF® surfactants, and we have a good collection of biodegradation & sea water toxicity data available. Our products are applied in wellbore formulations, in production chemicals, in cleaning agents and in water treatment, lubricants, de-scalers, and cleaners.

ESTI CHEM has the capacity and experience in production & global logistics supporting the needs of the oil industry.

The oil field chemicals market is very diverse, and products are often tailored for specific applications.

Please contact ESTI CHEM to discuss your specific needs.

Ester solvents and surfactants for oil field chemicals
Solvents for various oil field applications

ESTISOL® esters are chemical compounds derived from the reaction of fatty acids with alcohols. They possess a hydrophobic nature, making them excellent solvents for various oil field applications. The length of the fatty acid chain and the type of alcohol used in the esterification process can be tailored to achieve specific properties, such as polarity, viscosity, and flash point.

ESTISOL® esters are applied as solvents in drilling fluids, well stimulation fluids, rig & well washes, defoamers, and many other formulated fluids. ESTISOL® esters are often favored in the formulation of oil field chemicals due to their environmentally friendly characteristics. Several ESTISOL® solvents are readily biodegradable in sea water, and they show good toxicological properties with high LD50 values for sea water microorganisms. However, they should not be applied at extreme pH values such as <4 and >11 to prevent hydrolysis.

ESTISURF® nonionic surfactants is a class of surface-active agents that have found many applications in the oil and gas industry, where their cleaning and emulsifying properties are highly valued.

The ESTISURF® product range comprises surfactants with varying chemical composition: fatty alcohol alkoxylates, PEG esters, APGs, and more complex molecular structures. ESTISURF® surfactants are available in a wide range of HLB values with varying chain length of the hydrophobic part of the surfactant molecule.

ESTISURF® surfactants are applied in rig washes, well cleaners, emulsifier packages, demulsifiers, cleaners for oil-spills,  and many other formulated fluids. Several ESTISURF® surfactants are readily biodegradable in sea water, and they show good toxicological properties with high LD50 values for sea water microorganisms.

Nonionic surfactants for applications in the oil and gas industry

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