ESTISURF™ BA Power emulsifiers and wetting agents

Esti Chem A/S offers a range of specialty surfactants under the ESTISURF brand providing extraordinary performance in INDUSTRIAL CLEANING formulations, DEGREASERS, polishes, emulsions and corrosion inhibitors.

We have developed a new range of fatty alcohol alkoxylates, the ESTISURF BA range with extraordinary properties compared with standard nonionics:

Fatty alcohol alkoxylates with extraordinary properties


The ESTISURF BA 1206 and ESTISURF BA 1209 shows very low CMC values, which makes it possible to play with the surfactants at low dosage rates and thereby reducing the active content, the cost price and the BOD content in the wastewater.

Surface tension vs. concentration active


Typical physical data for the ESTISURF BA series:

Physical data for the ESTISURF BA series

ESTISURF BA surfactants have low surface tension and good wetting power BUT at the same time, the foam properties are interesting.

The ESTISURF BA 1206 has a low, initial foam height, which is unusual for a 6EO derivative.

ESTISURF BA 1209 has a higher, initial foam height but the foam is collapsing with the same speed as a C9-C11 + 6EO surfactant, which is unusual for a 9EO derivative.


Estisurf foam test


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