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Lubricant ester base oils

ESTI CHEM offers a selection of ESTILUBE lubricant ester base oils for use in industrial lubricants. The ESTILUBE esters are applied in specialty products such as penetration oils, chain lubricants, corrosion protection agents, lost lubricants, and release agents.

Saturated esters have emerged as a valuable component in lubricant formulations due to their unique properties and benefits. Saturated esters are formed by esterifying saturated fatty acids with an alcohol or a polyol. The resulting compounds exhibit excellent lubricating properties and stability, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

The saturated esters offer exceptional thermal stability, oxidative stability, and hydrolytic stability.

These properties ensure that the lubricant can withstand high temperatures without undergoing degradation or forming harmful byproducts. Saturated esters also exhibit excellent film-forming capabilities.

This means that they can create a protective layer on metal surfaces, reducing friction and wear. As a result, industrial machinery experiences reduced downtime, improved efficiency, and extended equipment life.

ESTI CHEM offers a range of ESTLUBE ester oils with varying degree of saturation:

  • Fully saturated esters: ESTILUBE L210, ESTILUBE L245, ESTILUBE L290, ESTILUBE L300, ESTILUBE L370, ESTILUBE L400, and ESTILUBE P688.
  • Partly saturated esters: ESTILUBE L360 S
ESTLUBE ester oils with varying degree of saturation

Unsaturated esters represent another category of fatty acid esters used in industrial lubricant formulations. These esters offer unique properties and benefits that make them valuable in specific applications. In addition to the good exhibit excellent lubricating properties, unsaturated esters exhibit good solvency characteristics, enabling them to dissolve and disperse polar additives effectively.

This property makes them ideal carriers for lubricant additives, enhancing the overall performance of the formulation.  

However, it's important to note that unsaturated esters may exhibit lower oxidative and thermal stability compared to saturated esters. Therefore, careful formulation and selection of antioxidants and other stabilizers are necessary to mitigate any potential stability issues and maintain the desired performance over time.

ESTI CHEM Chem offers a range of unsaturated ESTLUBE ester oils:


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