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ESTISOL® fatty acid esters are applied as solvents in lithographic (offset) printing inks since more than 25 years. The ESTISOL® esters are based on natural fatty acids and can be applied as base oils in the ink formulations or as alternatives to aromatic and naphthenic solvents as solvency-boosters for paraffinic base oils.

ESTI CHEM has extensive information available about the compatibility between ESTISOL® and roller rubber materials. ESTISOL® esters are available in different boiling ranges to fit the needs for cold-set and heat-set inks. One application is the use the food-packaging inks, where hydrocarbon-free inks entirely on ESTISOL® basis may be formulated. Many ESTISOL® are listed in the Swiss Ordinance List.

ESTI CHEM is a member of FOGRA  

We recommend the following ESTISOL® for application in lithographic inks: ESTISOL 242, ESTISOL 295, ESTISOL 300, and ESTISOL 312

Lithographic printing is a widely used printing method that relies on the principle of oil and water repelling each other.

Traditionally, hydrocarbons have been the primary choice as formulation ingredients in lithographic printing inks due to their excellent solvency and ink-carrying properties. However, with growing concerns about environmental sustainability and health risks, there is a need for alternative, eco-friendly solutions.

ESTISOL® fatty acid esters have emerged as a promising alternative to hydrocarbons in lithographic printing inks.These esters are derived from renewable resources and offer several benefits that make them an attractive option for the ink manufacturers:

  • Renewable and Sustainable: ESTISOL® fatty acid esters are biobased compounds derived from vegetable oils. Unlike hydrocarbons, which are obtained from fossil fuels and are finite resources, ESTISOL® fatty acid esters offer a sustainable and renewable solution.
Ester solvents for offset printing inks
Biobased compounds for printing ink formulations

The request to use biobased compounds, and the need to reduce CO2 footprint, makes the use of ESTISOL® fatty acid esters in printing ink formulations a natural choise

  • Enhanced Print Quality:

ESTISOL® fatty acid esters offer excellent solvency and compatibility with various ink components, resulting in superior print quality.

  • Improved Ink Rheology:

The rheological properties of inks play a crucial role in the printing process. ESTISOL® fatty acid esters contribute to the desired flow behavior and viscosity control of printing inks.

  • Biodegradability: 

ESTISOL® fatty acid esters are readily biodegradable. This biodegradability significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to high-boiling hydrocarbons, which can persist in the environment for extended periods.

  • Toxicity:

ESTISOL® fatty acid esters show low toxicity with LD50 values >1000 mg/kg

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