Aerosols for applications in industrial maintenance and DIY market

Aerosol products have become indispensable tools in various industries, including industrial maintenance and the do-it-yourself (DIY) market. These versatile products offer convenience, efficiency, and precise application, making them highly sought-after by professionals and individuals alike. There are many types of aerosol products for industrial applications: Lubricants, penetrating oils, degreasers, solvents, rust inhibitors, corrosion protection agents, adhesives, sealants, coatings, and paints.

For the DIY markets, typical aerosol applications are found in automotive maintenance & repair, household maintenance & cleaning, craft & art projects, gardening & outdoor applications,

Aerosol products have revolutionized industrial maintenance and DIY activities, offering a wide range of applications and benefits.

However, safety considerations and adherence to proper handling, storage, and disposal practices are crucial to ensure a safe working environment. Manufacturers and users must stay updated with regulatory requirements and follow best practices to maximize the benefits while minimizing risks associated with their usage.

ESTI CHEM products play an important role in the for formulator in connection with new & safer aerosol formulations.

Several health and safety considerations

needs to be addressed when developing new formulations for aerosol products in order to ensure the well-being of users and comply with regulatory standards. Some of the key issues to consider include:

Inhalation Exposure: 

      • Inhalation of aerosolized particles or vapors can pose health risks, particularly if the ingredients are toxic or hazardous.

Skin Contact and Absorption:

      • Some aerosol products may come into direct contact with the skin during application or accidental exposure.

Eye and Facial Exposure:

      • Aerosol products can present risks to the eyes and face due to accidental sprays or splashes.

Environmental Impact:

      • The environmental impact of aerosol products should also be considered during formulation development.
ESTISOL esters are safer aerosol alternatives for formulation of aerosols

ESTISOL® esters are commonly used in the formulation of aerosol products. These esters offer several advantages that make them suitable for various aerosol applications. Some examples of ESTISOL® esters for use in aerosols are ESTISOL 130, ESTISOL 135, ESTISOL 140, ESTISOL 165, ESTISOL 190, ESTISOL 242, ESTISOL 312 and ESTISOL 390.

ESTISOL® esters contributes to many important properties in the aerosol formulation:

Solvent Properties:

ESTISOL® esters act as solvents or co-solvents, helping to dissolve or disperse other ingredients in the formulation.

They can enhance the solubility of active ingredients, fragrances, dyes, or other additives, allowing for effective and homogeneous formulations.

Kauri Butanol values (KB values) in the range of 30 to higher than 250 can be found by selection of the proper ESTISOL® grade.

Lubrication and Penetration:

ESTISOL® esters have lubricating properties, which make them suitable for applications such as lubricants, penetrating oils, and rust inhibitors.

They can reduce friction, improve the movement of mechanical parts, and assist in the penetration of the product into tight spaces. ESTISOL® in various viscosities are offered, and for even higher lubricity, ESTILUBE lubricant esters are recommended.  

Volatility and Evaporation Rate:

The volatility and evaporation rate of ESTISOL® fatty acid esters is generally low, and ESTISOL® are applied as replacement for hydrocarbon VOCs and terpenes such as limonene in many formulations.

The vapor pressure of many ESTISOL® is < 0.01 kPa/20°C.

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ESTISURF® surfactants are widely applied in aerosol products

They act as cleaning surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, and stabilizers. Some commonly used ESTISURF® products are:

  • ESTISURF LF 263 as oil-soluble cleaning surfactant.
  • ESTISURF 264 and ESTISURF 9114 as low-odor & low-foam cleaning surfactants.
  • ESTISURF LH MB as alcohol soluble wetting & cleaning agent.
  • ESTISURF 1618/3 and ESTISURF 1618/7 as CLP-free emulsifiers for oils & waxes.

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ESTICLEAN® and RESIN CLEANER products also find their way into the aerosol markets

They are applied ”as delivered” in combination with an appropriate propellant. Some typical applications are:

  • ESTICLEAN AR-PLUS MB as bitumen spot cleaning agent for industrial & DYI markets.
  • RESIN CLEANER EP and RESIN CLEANER PU series as cleaning agents for the composite industry.

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