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In industrial settings, hand cleanliness is of utmost importance to maintain worker safety and hygiene. Traditional hand cleaners often rely on hydrocarbon solvents as their primary cleaning agents.

However, concerns have arisen regarding the potential health and environmental hazards associated with these solvents. As a result, there has been a growing interest in exploring alternative ingredients for industrial hand cleaners, such as ESTISOL® esters of vegetable fatty acids.

ESTISOL® esters are based on fatty acids derived from vegetable oils. ESTISOL® esters possess excellent solvency power and can effectively dissolve and remove various types of industrial soils, including grease & oil.

Some of the key advantages of using ESTISOL® fatty acid esters is their favorable health and safety profile compared with hydrocarbon solvents such as white spirit.

The ESTISOL® ester used in industrial hand cleaners are CLP label-free, they are non-VOCs, and they are readily biodegradable.

They also do not degrease the skin completely as it is the case with many other solvents. This is particularly beneficial for workers who perform repetitive hand washing throughout their shifts.

ESTI CHEM offers the following ESTISOL® esters for use in industrial hand cleaners: ESTISOL 150, ESTISOL 242, ESTISOL 295, and ESTISOL 312.

Vegetable based solvents and emulsifiers for hand cleaners
CLP label-free emulsifiers for industrial hand cleaners

Industrial hand cleaners require emulsifiers to emulsify the cleaning solvents and disperse oils and dirt particles, allowing them to be effectively rinsed away.

Nonionic emulsifiers, such as selected ESTISURF® emulsifiers have gained popularity in the formulation of industrial hand cleaners due to their superior emulsification properties and compatibility with various ingredients.

Selected ESTISURF® emulsifiers based on natural fatty acids are used as nonionic emulsifiers in industrial hand cleaners. These emulsifiers are capable of forming stable oil-in-water emulsions, which enable the effective removal of oily soils from the skin.

The CLP label-free ESTISURF® emulsifiers also contribute to the overall mildness of the hand cleaner formulation, making them suitable for frequent use without causing excessive dryness or irritation.

A combination of ESTISURF® nonionic emulsifiers with different HLB values will secure the stability and shelf-life of industrial hand cleaners. They help prevent phase separation and maintain the emulsion's integrity over time, ensuring consistent performance and usability of the product throughout its life span.

ESTI CHEM offers the following ESTISURF® nonionic emulsifiers for use in industrial hand cleaners: ESTISURF 430, ESTISURF 480, ESTISURF 950, and ESTISURF 970.

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