Foundry Industry

Application of ESTISOL® vegetable and synthetic esters as solvents for resins in the foundry industry.


ESTISOL® vegetable esters are being used as solvents for resins in the foundry industry due to their environmental benefits and performance characteristics.

These esters are derived from renewable sources such as vegetable oils and have a higher bio-carbon content than traditional solvents derived from petrochemicals.

One of the primary reasons for using ESTISOL® vegetable esters as solvents in the foundry industry is their low evaporation, good solvency power and no CLP labelling.

In terms of performance, ESTISOL® vegetable esters offer several advantages as solvents for resins in foundry applications. They have excellent solvency power, allowing them to dissolve various types of resins effectively.

This property is crucial in foundry operations where resins are used for molding and core-making processes. The high solvency power of ESTISOL® vegetable esters ensures proper mixing and dispersion of resins, resulting in improved casting quality.

ESTISOL® vegetable esters also offer good wetting properties, allowing them to spread evenly over the surface of molds and cores. This helps in achieving better adhesion of the resin to the substrate, ensuring the integrity and strength of the molds during the casting process.

Improved wetting properties can also lead to reduced defects such as pinholes and surface imperfections in the final castings.

Furthermore, vegetable esters exhibit low odor, which is beneficial for foundry workers who often have to work in enclosed spaces. 

They can effectively dissolve and disperse different types of resins. The versatility of vegetable esters makes them suitable for a wide range of foundry operations, offering manufacturers greater flexibility in resin selection.

Typical ESTISOL® vegetable esters applied in the foundry industry are ESTISOL 210, ESTISOL 242, ESTISOL 295, ESTISOL 300, and ESTISOL 325

Typical ESTISOL® synthetic esters applied in the foundry industry are ESTISOL 150 and ESTISOL 237

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