Automotive Cleaners

Automotive Cleaners with a long history

ESTI CHEM products have a long history of application in automotive shampoos, degreasers, engine cleaners, cold cleaners, and drying agents for automatic and manual cleaning. Many of our raw materials are also applicable in eco-label products.

ESTISURF® surfactants, a basic component in AUTOMOTIVE CLEANERS, cover a wide range of surface-active components enabling formulation of water-based, hydrocarbon-based, or ester-based cleaners with ESTISOL® solvents.

ESTISURF® non-ionic surfactants are available in a wide range of HLB values and comprise fatty alcohol ethoxylates, polyglycol esters, and alkyl poly glucosides. The products have varying foaming, cleaning, wetting, and emulsification characteristics.

ESTISURF 9114 and ESTISURF 264 are narrow-range nonionic surfactants with a low content of free fatty alcohol, low odor and good foam-control properties. 

Applications for automotive degreasers and cleaners
The ESTISURF BA series has shown extraordinarily good cleaning properties

The ESTISURF BA series

has shown extraordinarily good cleaning properties for removal of “black particles” from the surface of the car body when incorporated into alkaline cleaners.

The ESTISURF® range of anionics and amphoteric surfactants offers many functionalities such as hydrotropes, wetting agents, foam boosters, and cleaning surfactants for use in a wide range of AUTOMOTIVE CLEANERS and AUTOMOTIVE DEGREASERS even in wind screen cleaners.

ESTISURF M10 and ESTISURF A100-40 have well-established applications as hydrotropes in automotive cleaners. ESTISURF LH MB is a superior anionic surfactant for wind screen cleaners.

ESTISURF® optimized surfactant packages provide a road to quick product development for any application within the field of shampoo and degreasers. The highlights from our range are ESTISURF M35, ESTISURF M43-E and ESTISURF LF 181.

ESTISOL® solvents are applied as hydrophobic film-formers in drying agents for the last step in the car wash process. ESTISOL 312 and ESTISURF 315 are well-established raw materials in drying agents.

A very special group of ESTISURF® are the MICROEMULSION CONCENTRATES, which offer the best of cleaning from two worlds: solvent-based  cleaner and alkaline cleaners in ONE product. 

MICROEMULSION TECHNOLOGY is key feature on ESTI CHEM's technology platform. Such cleaners replace pure organic solvents or very-high alkaline cleaners.

The MICROEMULSION CONCENTRATE works at pH 9-10 with outstanding cleaning power specially to remove bitumen spots. ESTISURF MF20 MB is the first-choice product!

ESTICLEAN AR-PLUS is ESTI CHEMs flagship for replacement of pure hydrocarbon solvents for bitumen spot cleaning. ESTICLEAN AR-PLUS is a water-in-oil microemulsion, which dissolves bitumen spots within a few seconds.

Microemulsion technology is key feature on ESTI CHEMs technology platform

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