Esti Chem & Sustainability

We are taking steps to secure the long-term sustainability for our business.

Using a hazardous solvent?


You are using hazardous solvents with a high-risk profile and MSDS exposure scenarios are limiting your product's application.

Esti Chem solution:

ESTISOL solvents may be applied as 100% alternatives to hydrocarbon solvents or they may replace aromatics in combination with a dearomatized hydrocarbon.

RESIN CLEANERs are powerful industrial cleaning agents replacing acetone, MEK, NMP, NEP and other hazardous solvents used in industrial cleaning processes.

Feedback from customers:

We replaced GBL with RESIN CLEANER EP40 in our epoxy resin blending plant. We found the best alternative to NMP for PU cleaning with RESIN CLEANER PU21.


Enviroment Protection


Replacing aromatic solvents with ESTISOLs is definitely moving volume from fossil to bio-carbon based materials.

Going from MEK and NMP to RESIN CLEANER products has more impact on the EHS parameters

Most of the ESTISOLs and RESIN CLEANERs shows good biodegradation and low environmental toxicity – a benefit in case of spills





The risk profile of your product or industrial production site can be improved considerable by introducing ESTISOLs and RESIN CLEANERs. The flash point can be increased and the GHS labelling reduced