Esti Chem & Sustainability

We are taking steps to secure the long-term sustainability for our business.

Problem with low flash-point & high VOC?


You have problems with low flash points or high VOC content in your products.

Esti Chem solution:

ESTISOL solvents can replace VOCs optionally in combination with a small amount of an ESTISURF surfactant.

Feedback from customers:

We replaced D-type hydrocarbon solvents by ESTISOL in our polishes.

We went from a volatile D80 degreaser solvent to a non-VOC ESTISURF MF20 MB solution with no CLP label. 


Enviroment Protection


ESTISOL and ESTISURF products can replace fossil-based raw materials in aqueous and non-aqueous products thereby reducing the CO2 footprint.

ESTISOL and ESTISURF products are readily biodegradable and have low impact on the environment. The risk in case of a spill is greatly reduced

It is often possible to eliminate the GHS labelling as a part of the re-formulation process – ask for advice!