Esti Chem & Sustainability

We are taking steps to secure the long-term sustainability for our business.

Obtain Eco-labels?


You want to obtain Eco-Label on your products.

Esti Chem solution:

Esti Chem has collected information about biodegradability and toxicity on a wide range of our materials, which can be handed over to customers in connection with the Eco-Label registration process. Under the ESTISOL and ESTISURF sections you can find information about products for application in Eco-Label formulations.

Feedback from customers:

ESTISURF products is a quick road to get Eco-Label on our hard surface cleaners.

ESTISOL gives us high-efficiency degreasers with Eco-Label and a high bio-carbon content.  


Enviroment Protection


Esti Chem provides formulation raw materials for Eco-Label products based on petrochemical and natural building blocks – all of them fulfil the Eco-Label criteria – up to the customer to choose!

The raw materials for Eco-Label products meet the highest standard for biodegradation and low eco-toxicity.

We have products for certification according to EU Flower, Nordic Swan, ECOCERT and Bra Miljöval

You can formulate efficient & non-labelled products with Esti Chem raw materials - don´t hesitate to discuss you application and we can give recommendations