Esti Chem & Sustainability

We are taking steps to secure the long-term sustainability for our business.

More bio-based products?


You want to include more bio-based products in your formulation

Esti Chem solution:

Under our product sections, you can find an indication of the bio-carbon content of each product and the key functionality of the material.

Feedback from customers:

We have been able to start reducing our CO2 emissions by changing to ESTISOL fluids.

We can now achieve the bio-carbons goals put on us by our down-stream customers. 


Enviroment Protection


Increased use of raw materials based on bio-carbon reduces the COemission from fossil sources





Most raw materials based on bio-carbon resources show good biodegradability, and low environmental toxicity.

In case of spills from stock, during use or from waste handling, the impact on the environment is usually limited in time an in severeness

Esti Chem products based on a high amount of bio-carbon have usually no or very low GHS labelling.

They are generally  safe to use in an industrial or a household  environment