How can I apply the DEFOAMER products?

The DEFOAMER products can be applied in the fluid concentrate or as tank-side additive to diluted systems. The DEFOAMER products are free from silicone oils and do not cause problems in subsequent surface finishing such as painting. The products exhibit excellent long-term defoaming properties, they are much easier to incorporate into fluid concentrates than silicone oil emulsions, and the tendency to separation during storage is equally much lower than for the silicone oil emulsions.

What is the difference between the various grades?

DEFOAMER 1000 is a very concentrated, high-performance defoamer; it is water-free and contains no biocides. DEFOAMER 45-N, 100-FI and 700 are water-containing defoamers with varying polarity. The 45-N grade is primarily applied in emulsion-based products, the 100 FI is an all-round product applicable in most systems, whereas the 700 grade is mostly applied in synthetic fluids. DEFOAMER 700 is a defoamer with additional de-aeration properties.

Are the DEFOAMER products stable at high and low pH values?

When DEFOAMER products are incorporated into a fluid concentrate; the pH value of said concentrate should be kept with the range of 6-11 to secure good, long-time stability. Use of DEFOAMERs as tank-side additive to diluted fluids is a very common application, and you can apply DEFOAMERs outside the 6-11 range. You will need to test the borderline in your system by practical testing.


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