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Metal Working Lubricants

ESTILUBE esters are applied as lubricant base oils in water-miscible fluids and straight oils. A wide range of viscosities and degree of saturation are available. ESTILUBE L210, L300 and L400 evaporate at high temperatures without leaving any carbon residues. Such ESTILUBE esters find applications in stamping lubricants and minimal-lubrication fluids. 

ESTIMOL esters are self-emulsifying polymer esters with very high lubrication properties. ESTIMOL TE 2000 is applied in metal forming lubricants. ESTIMOL CE 960 NN forms alkaline soaps with alkanol amines and provides emulsification, lubrication, and corrosion protection properties. 

ESTIMOL CX-N is a high-performance lubricant additive for formulation into metal working fluid concentrates or for application as a tank-side additive.

Metal Working Lubricants

ESTISURF surfactants work as emulsifiers for the base oil and corrosion inhibitors in water-miscible metalworking fluids. 

ESTI CHEM DEFOAMERs are silicone oil-free and applied in the metal working fluid concentrate or as a tank-side additive. The DEFOAMERs have a unique combination of efficiency, persistency and do not lead to problems in subsequent surface finishing such as painting or phosphating. 

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