Metal Degreasers

Metal degreasers is one of the fastest-growing market for Esti Chem products. The focus on VOC reduction and reduced CLP labelling has opened new possibilities for our formulation components.

ESTISOL solvent esters replace hydrocarbon solvents in open cleaning installations with reduced VOC emission and less skin irritation. ESTISURF surfactants may be added to make the products water-washable. 

Optimized ESTISURF surfactant packages are effective and convenient starting points for formulating alkaline, pH-neutral, and acidic metal degreasers. Esti Chem also provides effective & low-foaming hydrotropes and cleaning surfactants for such formulations.

ESTISURF microemulsion packages make it possible to formulated non-VOC and CLP label-free cleaners, which can replace hydrocarbon solvents in many applications.

Esti Chem´s DEFOAMER products are applied in water-miscible degreasers; they are free from silicone oils and no issues are seen in subsequent surface finish processes.


Metal Degreasers
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